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The Sigma 000TCE Electro Acoustic, Natural is perfect for the performing musician due to its stylish appearance, comfortable cutaway 000 body and built-in Sigma electronics with tuner. With a solid sitka spruce and tilia construction, the Sigma 000TCE yields a crisp and articulate tone, and delivers a broad dynamic range, balance and great definition, providing players with a versatile sound that is able to accommodate numerous genres and techniques with ease. Its real bone nut also offers added resonance and sustain to the guitar's overall sound. Furthermore, similar in proportion to auditorium guitars, its 000 sized body offers a comfortable playing experience and is perfect for both lighter fingerpicking styles to meatier strumming patterns, providing a versatile platform for players to experiment with their musical style. For added comfort, the 000TCE features a cutaway profile, offering easy access to more upper frets. If that's not enough, the 000TCE comes equipped with a Sigma preamp, providing basic sound tweaking for live and rehearsal settings.

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